•   Cooling your baked goods taking a longer time than expected? which in turn resulting in lesser throughput, high energy consumption, consuming more space in terms of the footprint?
  •  Through our research in the bakery industry and with our automation expertise in the industry, we’ve built “Bespoke Vacuum Conditioning” systems to tackle your challenges.

We're happy to introduce our range of VACUUM CONDITIONING systems for the BAKERY industry.

Benefits of VACUUM CONDITIONING system

Reduce cooling time after baking from hours to minutes

The principle is “Boiling point of water reduces with a decrease in pressure”


The volume of the baked products increases by up to 20% maximum due to the pulling effect during the Vacuum cycle.

During the Vacuum cycle, the pump starts sucking out the air from the enclosure. This results in a pressure drop and the water takes the heat from the mass & boils. During this process, water molecules try to escape from the core, resulting in cellular expansion. 

Rapid cooling reduces the probability of bacteria growth and increases shelf life

As the product cooling time reduces from hours to minutes, it reduces the probability of bacteria growth. Ideally, bacteria growth would be high at a temperature ranging from 30 to 65 degrees Celcius.

By reduction in the cooling period, exposure to bacteria growth would be reduced eventually. Hence, the shelf-life of the product increases.

Storage space is always an advantage. Our Vacuum conditioner occupies less space in terms of the footprint compared to any other cooling machine/conventional cooling.

Save up to 30% of baking energy depending upon several factors. Saving the energy could be achieved by thorough optimization from start to finish process.

Ambient conditions won’t have any effect on the production/cooling process by any means, because, the cooling process of baked goods takes place inside an enclosure/chamber. T

This results in consistent productivity and quality year-round that allows streamlining of supply and demand.


Vacuum conditioning technology is highly versatile and considerably enhances the productivity and quality of almost all baked products. Further, Vacuum conditioning offers unique advantages based on the ingredients and the baking process