Over the years, we have conceptualized and deployed a variety of automation solutions in multiple countries. From assembly line automation for the automotive sector to packaging lines for FMCG and currently processing lines for industrial bakeries, our engineering expertise has helped us solve key challenges and deliver game changers.

Some of our best patented work has been showcased here.

Continuous Motion Sachet Packaging Automation

Primary packaging of cohesive powders/granular materials into sachets.


  • Can handle sticky cohesive materials

  • Can handle ultra-sensitive webs as thin as a 20 GSM non-woven, heat-sealable paper

  • Fully automatic roll changeover

  • In-built quality control and rejection

  • Non-gravimetric, vacuum based dosing and filling

Puck Handling Systems

Integrates up to 24 up-stream primary packaging lines with a single secondary packaging machine.


  • 600 PPM

  • Automatic buffering and line balancing

  • Integrated quality control

Pouch Bagging Machine

Collects primary pouches from 8 up-stream machines, collates and bags them into LDPE bags.


  • 400 PPM

  • Unscrambling, lane balancing, dual bagger

  • Automatic buffering and line balancing features

Counting and Batching System

Counting and batching of candy into jars/bags.


  • 1500 PPM

  • Maximum error of 1 in 6300 or 0.015%

  • Can be integrated with downstream jar filling or VFFS machinery

  • High frequency vibratory unscrambling and gentle handling of products

Projects Under Execution

Vacuum cooling of bakery products.


  • Cooling of freshly baked goods to room temperature in 3-9 minutes

  • Fully automatic handling of product

  • Reduces baking energy requirement by up to 30%